Happy Easter everyone!

As a special treat, I am hesitantly presenting you with my first attempt for a project logo. It all has to do with the fact that I will be presenting at SEDA Scottish Ecological Design Association Conference in Edinburgh on April 25th! I hope to make more people interested in FogHive© Remake, FogHive© SEPIA or FogHive© HABITAT... depending on which type of branding that best suits the audience. Let me know what you think of the funky logo FogHive© SEPIA (Sustsianable + Efficient + Passive + Innovative + Affordable).

And do come along to SEDA if you will be in the area on Friday, all day event of ecological innovations at a very reasonable price:


Image 1. First attempt for a project logo. Plays around with the ideas of a water molecule, a hexagon as an incorporation of FogHive© 1 and SEPIA (Sustsianable + Efficient + Passive + Innovative + Affordable).



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