Some exciting news this week: we have been chosen to submit a paper for PLEA 2014! That is the international and quite significant Passive and Low Energy Architecture conference. Wheheeeey!!

Now all that I need to do is obtain materials, build the fog collectors, test different types of meshes, analyse the data, write up and present it all by May 16th. 7 weeks and counting.

I am also quite looking forward to the opportunity of becoming involved in Computational Fluid Dynamics via university workshops, reading some brick-heavy books, learning software and contacting people from the Univeristy of Strathclyde who are already experts. You might say that I can just pass on the tasks of computer simulations to the experts, account for their fees in my project budget and have readily available, near effortless data available. However, the projects budget is pretty limited, non-existent at the moment as a matter of fact, and I have always been a Physics enthusiast who likes to understand HOW things work. Such as, what is the fluid pressure of a drop of water and why is it different from that of oil, for example.

And so, samples of mesh types are on the way. To fulfil my promise to PLEA that I will demonstrate what the most efficient and environmentally-friendly materials for fog water collection are. A tiny bit of Materials Science and Biomimicry involved in this.

 I hope I can learn and act quickly, I assumed research was much more structured and carefully organised than these rapid deadlines. A Dragons Den event application is also being constructed in the meant time, if there is any left.

Thank you for reading! See you back on this page next week. 

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